Our inside story

Markamind was founded on a simple belief:

It's good business to leverage technology.

Our journey started in 2009 as a part of the climate change agenda. Specifically, we helped the Australian Information Industry Association showcase how technology can be used to reduce carbon emissions. The content, which was widely distributed, was followed by other initiatives such as e-Waste recycling.

Since then, we have continued our ambitions to improve the adoption of technology. We focused on the shaping and scoping of early stage projects to secure funding. This is the area that has the greatest impact on the success of your project.

Today, we keep things practical. We work backwards from your desired outcomes and define pathways that provide the greatest chance for success. What makes our approach different is our integration of Decision Quality to keep everyone on the same page during a transition period.

About the founder

Scott Evans
Scott Evans


  • 20+ years working in Technology. 4+ years working in Finance. Master of Finance. Passed L2 CFA Exam. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. Certified Associate of the Society of Decision Professionals.